Bus service for St Patricks Students in partnership with SMUS/GNS

The bus schedules  are now published. See maps and times below.

St. Michaels University School and Glenlyon Norfolk School share transportation services. Please review the latest version of the combined SMUS/GNS bus routes and maps, which are subject to change.

Please note that not all stops are listed. We generally use BC Transit stops, although other stops are possible as long as they are deemed safe. Further, giving us a wave in the morning really helps us as we approach your stop, as does having your child remind us in the afternoon that their stop is just ahead.

We ask that all students be at the bus stop at least 3 minutes ahead of the scheduled pickup time. Due to traffic and weather conditions, departure times could vary by 5-6 minutes. However, the driver will not leave the stops prior to the times listed.

An important reminder: the "late" bus does not operate on the last school day of the week. Normally this is Friday, however, prior to a long weekend or extended break this may be a Thursday or another day of the week.

Passengers pay for each trip with their Student Card, which contains a bar code. Each bus has a bar code scanner. The charge will be applied to the month-end billing.

Bus Fares  These are 2013-14 fares, please check with SMUS for current rates

  • Zone 1 - $1.90
  • Zone 2 - $2.70
  • Zone 3 - $3.50

If your child will be a new bus student this year, please contact the Transportation Manager to confirm where they will be boarding the bus.

If you require further information, please contact the Transportation Manager at 250-370-6150.

Bus Routes and Schedules

Click on a coloured line to see the schedules for that route. In order to see all of the information, you may need to click on the link below each map to view a larger version.

Morning routes for Saanich Peninsula and Cordova Bay/Gordon Head: Morning routes for Oak Bay, Western Communities and Elk Lake/Shelbourne:

View SMUS/GNS Bus Routes 1 in a larger map

View SMUS/GNS Bus Routes 2 in a larger map
Morning routes connecting SMUS Crothall Centre with St. Patrick's and SMUS Junior School:  

View St. Patrick's in a larger map
Afternoon routes connecting SMUS Junior School, GNS Pemberton Woods and GNS Beach Drive with SMUS Crothall Centre: Afternoon routes from SMUS Crothall Centre to Saanich Peninsula and Cordova Bay/Gordon Head:

View SMUS/GNS Bus Routes 4 in a larger map

View SMUS/GNS Bus Routes 5 in a larger map
Afternoon routes from SMUS Crothall Centre to Oak Bay and the Western Communities: The "Late" bus to Gordon Head and Saanich Peninsula:

View SMUS/GNS Bus Routes 6 in a larger map

View SMUS/GNS Bus Routes 7 in a larger map
When I came to St. Patrick's I was a very shy girl; it was difficult for me to leave my mother’s safe and loving arms. St. Patrick's, especially the teachers, helped me with this. Now that I’m in grade seven I look back and realize there was never once that I felt ignored or uncared for. I will never forget St. Patrick's and what it did for me.
Olivia Student
At St. Patrick’s we’ve always been encouraged to participate in school sports and clubs. It is a loving place where we are all accepted for who we are. Leaving the St. Patrick’s community is going to be very hard. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience here and hopefully you will too!
Sophie Student
St. Patrick’s School has opened my mind to learn new things and to meet new people. St. Patrick’s is like family; all the people have great spirit and all the teachers are like second parents. The teachers are so understanding that I feel confident asking a question if I don’t understand something. My relationship with God has become stronger since the first day I came to St. Patrick’s.
Rayna Student