Primary Athletics (Grades K-3)

Sportsmanship & Participation

Welcome to an exciting year in sports! The primary program will progressively teach each athlete the fundamental skills of games, dance, and gymnastic activities during which maximum enjoyment, participation, development and growth of each student are accomplished in a positive, encouraging and sportsmanlike environment.

Sportsmanship and participation are stressed each class and remains two of the most important goals of the physical education program.

Our Program

Each class will participate in gym class twice a week. Each class will begin with a vigorous warm-up followed by a skill developing activity that will then be used in a concluding game at the end of each class.
The Primary program consists of 3 major components – games, gymnastics and dance. Athletes will explore a variety of games that foster the development of a number of skills that will involve projection, receiving and retaining of objects with hands, feet and equipment such as scoops, tennis racquets and baseball bats. Modified equipment is used to ensure safety and success. Modified traditional games of soccer, basketball and volleyball will also be explored.

In gymnastics the athlete will explore shapes, balances, levels, directions and space using partners and/or groups on mats, ropes, trestle equipment and through the use of a parachute.

Although students only take two gym classes per week, they have opportunities to participate in physical activities at recess, lunch hour, swimming lessons and in our new Action Schools program (in grade 3 you can also join the Cross Country and Track & Field teams).

Gym Strip

All students must wear proper gym strip to every P.E. class. This includes: St. Patrick’s issued green t-shirt, St. Patrick’s issued athletic shorts (green or navy), white socks, and non-marking athletic shoes (preferably lace up)

Athletes may also wear St. Patrick’s track suits, sweat tops, and sweat pants over top of the gym strip. Because we have beautiful gym floors, it is imperative that every student’s non-marking athletic shoes remain at school for the entire year. This will ensure that shoes remain clean and also help eliminate one item that is being carried back and forth to school. As the weather becomes nice in the spring, we would ask that parents also send outdoor runners as well.

Providing Encouragement To Every Student

It is our hope and expectation that every athlete give their best effort and attitude to every challenge that is place before them as that is the sign of a true champion! Every class, one or more students will be awarded “Player of the Day”. This reward will be chosen based on ability, attitude, character, commitment, courage, determination, effort, enthusiasm, sportsmanship and listening.

When I came to St. Patrick's I was a very shy girl; it was difficult for me to leave my mother’s safe and loving arms. St. Patrick's, especially the teachers, helped me with this. Now that I’m in grade seven I look back and realize there was never once that I felt ignored or uncared for. I will never forget St. Patrick's and what it did for me.
Olivia Student
At St. Patrick’s we’ve always been encouraged to participate in school sports and clubs. It is a loving place where we are all accepted for who we are. Leaving the St. Patrick’s community is going to be very hard. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience here and hopefully you will too!
Sophie Student
St. Patrick’s School has opened my mind to learn new things and to meet new people. St. Patrick’s is like family; all the people have great spirit and all the teachers are like second parents. The teachers are so understanding that I feel confident asking a question if I don’t understand something. My relationship with God has become stronger since the first day I came to St. Patrick’s.
Rayna Student