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Beliefs & Values

St. Patrick's is a vibrant, Christian community, rooted in the traditions of the Catholic Church & committed to excellence... read more.


St. Patrick's offers a dynamic academic program in a positive, faith-based learning environment that nurtures leadership & challenges students to become independent & critical thinkers... read more.

Fine Arts

St. Patrick's School offers a Fine Arts program that includes Visual Arts, Speech Arts, an award winning Primary and Intermediate Choir, Intermediate Band, and Irish Dance... read more.


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International Students

St. Patricks Elementary School offers programs for students in kindergarten through grade seven. International Students are fully integrated with our Canadian students for an English immersion experience... read more.


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When I came to St. Patrick's I was a very shy girl; it was difficult for me to leave my mother’s safe and loving arms. St. Patrick's, especially the teachers, helped me with this. Now that I’m in grade seven I look back and realize there was never once that I felt ignored or uncared for. I will never forget St. Patrick's and what it did for me.
Olivia Student
At St. Patrick’s we’ve always been encouraged to participate in school sports and clubs. It is a loving place where we are all accepted for who we are. Leaving the St. Patrick’s community is going to be very hard. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience here and hopefully you will too!
Sophie Student
St. Patrick’s School has opened my mind to learn new things and to meet new people. St. Patrick’s is like family; all the people have great spirit and all the teachers are like second parents. The teachers are so understanding that I feel confident asking a question if I don’t understand something. My relationship with God has become stronger since the first day I came to St. Patrick’s.
Rayna Student